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Ark International came to us because they needed a site that would help them spread the word of their organization, and be able to receive donations from anyone who wants to be apart of their cause. There goal is to help the less fortunate in Niger, Africa. They do this by sending missionaries to help rebuild their communities. Their main concern was to have a way of updating content as easily as possible, while they were away during their mission.

They also needed a calendar to show all of their events. Their biggest goal was to be able to maintain their own pages, because they offer many different events at different parts of the year and they wanted to be able to showcase those events without requiring a web developer.


We took their requests and decided to go with a similar layout we did for Roux’s Catering, with full width sections, big featured banner sliders showing their missions in Niger. We also added the calendar, a contact form, and styled it all using their main colors. We also added the site to a WordPress CMS, allowing them to make edits to their site. Although it was a struggle at first, through a series meetings with them, we were able to teach them the appropriate methods in editing the content without causing problems. For donations, we decided to go with PayPal because they have a secure service allowing interested parties to donate with ease!



4 Weeks


August 2016


7 Pages


Augusta, Ga

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