Location: Evans Georgia
Services: Web Design / Digital Campaigning / InnoVationV Hosting
Cambium Canopy
Launched: February 2020


The owner of Cambium Canopy has been working in the Arborist industry for over 8 years alongside big named companies throughout the CSRA; and decided one day that he wanted to go into business with his wife and provide his own twist of plant health services. Dedicated with providing a good service to all, Cambium Canopy sought out a client-first minded company also, and that's where they met InnoVationV.


This project was particularly fun being that we had the whole "sky is the limit" mentality from our client; who wanted our artistic touch when it came to the layout. Given no limitations, we decided to treat the template as a tree where the top would always be green, where the bottom of every page would brown like its roots.

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