Center for Dentistry is all inclusive for implant dental services.


As one of our first web development projects and business relationships with a marketing agency (The South Company in Aiken), Center for Dentistry was quite a learning experience. This project required that we learn not only how to communicate with a partner agency, but work as a single team to deliver a feature-rich product to our client. With many different individuals to collaborate with and new technologies to use, we had to learn where to be confident with our decisions and when to concede. From learning new CSS Frameworks like Zurb Foundation and new ways to implement it in a way that would not only look good, but perform seamlessly and without delivery flaws, we grew from a web design company into a web development company!



Though the learning curve was steep, we managed to successfully develop a website in compliance with South Company’s graphic designers’ concept. In the process, we learned a lot about the Zurb Foundation front-end framework, which proved to be a useful technology in several other projects (See PGH Clinic or Family Pharmacy portfolio page). We also implemented the very popular video background for the first time and discovered compression methods for faster page-loading. Along with the different methods of keeping clients on the page with interactive modules and precise information. This concept is very valuable for better SEO (Search Engine Optimization) ranking.


PHP, JQuery



4 Months


April 2015


15 Pages


Aiken, SC

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