Silver Kings
Location: Islamorada, Florida
Services: InnoVationV Hosting / Web Development
Launched: January 2020


The biggest concern for Silver Kings was for them to be able to get changes done quickly. They needed the capability of their senior producer to be able to send an email and have someone respond within 48 hours to get it uploaded to the site without it being a big issue, which meant the site needed to be created a little differently than what most design companies are capable of, which is why they sought out one with a developer's heart and soul.


Instead of creating a standard informative site, we had to think out of the box. Creating custom fields and unique identifiers, our team crafted a website using dynamic content. This means that everything is styled in a particular way that would allow someone of non-developer knowledge to copy and paste text and upload images through a special section in the back end of the website, it would upload everything using said styles automatically.

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