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Frozen Sweets and Treats in Evans, Ga!


Like a lot of businesses catering to the health oriented crowd, Yotopia needed a website that could communicate to the masses how nutritional and delicious their products are. They also were in the middle of rebranding to widen their target audience. Where the previous owners concentrated on appealing to the younger audiences, the rebranding was to focus on health-conscious families. The last problem they faced was that they needed a company to not only host their content but to manage flavor updates and keep their website’s security up to date.


By assessing Yotopia’s needs, we decided to go with a WordPress website, where we set up an easy to navigate portfolio of yogurt flavors, along with a contact form and email system. We also provided them with a full-width Home page featuring their store with full scale slides that rotate to showcase more information with less space usage. This provides a more effective visual, specifically oriented to that target market. The name of the game in the web world is that it’s not about just being pretty, but also being effective.

Wordpress, JQuery, CSS
3 Weeks of Development Time; On-going Maintenance
April 2017
4 Main Pages Page; 14+ Porfolio Sub Pages
Evans, Ga
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