Twisted Burrito

Hand Crafted Burritos in Augusta and Evans, Ga!


Twisted Burrito came to us about a month ago needing a refresher of their current site. Their biggest problem was that their current developers didn’t seem to keep the site as up to date as they required. They also wanted a website that truly reflected their “twisted” and fun environment. ¬†They also wanted better navigation of their newly updated menus, where it would be easy to read, but styled in a way that would allow users to view the descriptions of the menu items they were interested in before using the Twisted Burrito App powered by ChowNow, or coming into eat at either their Augusta or Evans locations.


Taking some of the best qualities of their old website, being the first section including the logo, times of operation, phone numbers, and buttons to download the Menu App on Android or Apple. We re-designed everything else to tailor their main colors, fonts, and images in a way that would appeal to a mass audience. Using that method, we created a layout with gradient sections and Mexican-styled section dividers to reflect their twisted nature. Also using a “Back-To-Top” button and Anchor links, we allowed their lengthy pages to be navigated easily and efficiently.

Being that they are devoted to Facebook for keeping up with their customers, we also added Social Media Integration, to give Facebook users the ability to share the Twisted Burrito website through their personal Facebook accounts. This provides a good boost in traffic for Twisted Burrito, being that they have a very big network base in that social media platform. We are also providing maintenance, so keep visiting the site for new updates.

Wordpress, JQuery, CSS
3 Weeks of Development Time; On-going Maintenance
July 2017
4 Pages
Evans, Ga
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