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Water Control Services needed a site that could be used by clients to review their services and the products they use to get the job done! Their content had to be retrieved from several different sources and displayed in a use-able format. They also wanted it to reflect their American Pride; all of their equipment and water treatment solutions are American-made.  We had to figure out how to show it off without it taking away from the rest of the layout.

They requested a professional layout that conformed to industry standards and was accessible from mobile. The main problem that we came across was that many of the pictures had become outdated, since we were using the images off of his old website. Having no other options and an extremely small budget, we had to mold this layout around the older images including his old logo.


We provided Water Control Services with a responsive layout and revised navigation structure, to make it easy for every client to access the right information. For the American Pride theme, we decided to feature the American Flag being that they exclusively purchase equipment made in America. We organized many pages of PDF content into easy-to-use sections and structured their content to feature their most popular services.

WordPress, JQuery
1 Week
April 2017
3 Pages

Martinez, Ga

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