3248 Ponderosa Ln,
Thomson, Ga 30824

Invoice Number INV-041
Invoice Date March 20, 2021
Total Due $1,283.99
Andersson's Supply

Digital Marketing Services (Optional):
-Digital Campaigning: Keyword Management/Content Marketing - $400 / Month (2 blogs per month recommended min and included in this fee)
-Link Building (Starter and recommended): $150/Month
-Email Campaigning: TBD - based on frequency
-Social Media Marketing: $150 for 4 posts per month
Other services please refer to Excel sheet

Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceAdjustSub Total
1 Woocommerce + Security API ( Annual)

Bakery, UPS, First Data, and Ithemes annual API keys

1 Email cost + domain (one time, transfer fee included)

Upon payment, InnovationV will separate/delegate access to Andersson Supply account

8 Hosting Only (Developer environment 15/month + Live Environment 25 / month)

In order to provide the best experience for both developer and client, we highly suggest a developers environment to handle all executions of data changes.

8 SMTP (Reliable Email/notification delivery subscription) $25.000.00%$200.00
Sub Total $1,283.99
Tax $0.00
Total Due $1,283.99