3248 Ponderosa Ln,
Thomson, Ga 30824

Invoice Number INV-061
Invoice Date February 26, 2022
Total Due $350.00
Bath Gardens Foundation

payment automated at the end of every month. Previous Month rolled over 4 Hours

Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceAdjustSub Total
1 Additional Hours

January Roll over 4 hours +Feb 1st: CF Call/(worked with quick assist helping email/Talk with comcast to get primary status; (9-10:30) Feb 2nd: Catherine PP Phone call (12-12:30); Feb 3rd Researched CRM's (Goldmine, Zoho, Hubsuite, basecamp); Feb 4th 12:45-1:45 On Phone with CF (Talk with comcast to get correct installation for "cottage")
PP meeting with CF on Phone (.5 hours); Feb 16th VIP Meeting 10-1, Printer fix + work on FB 30min; Feb 17th organized excel data and then imported into chosen Zoho CRM; Feb 19th CRM finding Addresses (1.5 Hours); Feb 22nd CF and Jason Call (1 Hour); Feb 26th CF Call over CRM Sheet (1 Hour) = total hours 14.5 (4.5 Hour rolled to next month)

1 Website/Social Media Management Campaign + Premium Maintenance (From Jan 24 til end of month)

Events pages build out (general); Weddings/Bridal Page (Pending, but built), Opening Event Page redesign; Transferred full site from -> (updated verbiage, etc); added email (secured domain and added DKIM Security to email); Godaddy management (removed unnecessary products purchased through account prior to Innovationv involvement; created 2 new menu navigations;

Sub Total $750.00
Tax $0.00
Paid -$400.00
Total Due $350.00