3248 Ponderosa Ln,
Thomson, Ga 30824

Invoice Number INV-053
Invoice Date December 6, 2021
Total Due $340.00
Hargrove Pest, Inspections, Encapsulation, Cleaning, & Project 143

Use Same Template of Existing Landing page template (50% off of Landing page price) - Transfer to new Domain requires site redesign, securing through Ithemes, and re-initializing SSL certificate.

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1 Landing Page Layout (redesign)

Standard layout consisting of header, hero section, optional mission/about, optional service section, and contact area (contact form included upon request). All websites are secured with anti-spam, firewall, and SSL License

1 Domain Purchase: $15.000.00%$15.00
Sub Total $340.00
Tax $0.00
Total Due $340.00