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Invoice Number INV-120
Invoice Date November 11, 2023
Total Due $1,800.00
Junk In The Box

The existing services will have an (existing) and all additional recommended packages will include the hours required to build out new content, and then consecutive months to plan, monitor, build new backlinking (safe trusted sources)

Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceAdjustSub Total
10 Consultation + Digital Strategy Hours (Existing)

Covers hosting and up to one hour of content updates/month. [it takes about 2 hours per week of average engagement of google ads including the hour per month consultation with Accounts manager] + 2 hours per month keeping up with reviews (.5 hours per week)

1 Basic SEO Package (listing and review syndication) - (existing)

Covers receiving reviews and being listed on all relevant search engines and databases.

1 Content Marketing and Keyword Strategy License + 1 Blog ($90/blog) - (existing)

License for software that researches your competition, Key topics with healthy, google friendly links, and blogs written by Julie Keating.
*Additional blogs beyond the one/month are $90 per extra blog.

4 Hours on Backlinking and Additional SEM Strategies

1 Scheduled Hour block per month to look at our Domain traffic reports and rework content

2 Monthly Newsletter (Start off) + Cost to implement software and Time to cover setup of audience + graphic provided by Graphic artist

Using existing emails build off of Lisa's monthly finalized Jobs reports + Newsletter template (previous months blog, top 5 recent reviews of previous month, maybe additional promotion)

Sub Total $1,800.00
Tax $0.00
Total Due $1,800.00