3248 Ponderosa Ln,
Thomson, Ga 30824

Invoice Number INV-97
Invoice Date February 6, 2023
Total Due $2,655.00
Powells Concrete

Website Copy takes between 2-3 weeks depending on edits, research, etc. Project buildout, including the blog, will take 6-9 weeks, depending on edits. Onsite SEO is included.

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7 Page Redesign (Stock Images Included)

Responsive Template Design using content provided by client. On site SEO using stock images and page descriptions is included.

5 Website Copy Rewrite for SEO (up to 500 words per page)

Recommended pages to be written: Stamped, Flatwork, Artistic, New Construction, About Us

Sub Total $2,655.00
Tax $0.00
Total Due $2,655.00