NAMI Augusta

Launch Date: December 2015
Location: Augusta, Georgia



NAMI Augusta came to us back in 2015, wanting a basic brochure based site that could reflect their monthly support groups and basic resource materials. So we provided them with a basic layout centered around a single menu navigation containing all of their resources as well as site navigation, but as the years went by and those mental health resources grew, it made the site very difficult to understand. Fast forward to 2019 right before the pandemic, NAMI Augusta had been approached by an agency out in Pennsylvania offering a template that would far exceed the layout they had. Instead of saying yes the President and Treasurer reached out to InnovationV because they liked working with us and wanted to stay loyal. They showed us the layout and asked if we could accomplish it. This was one of the first dynamic sites we had been asked to produce, and the rest is history...



We decided to take a look at what our NAMI Georgia site looked like as well as a few other resource-based websites. Taking the approach of submenus overlaying a main navigation, we initially built the sub menus using straight up HTML. Later on probably about 2 years ago we updated that code with a WordPress menu module and styled over it so that it maintained the look without compromising mobility and scalability as the resources became even more complex. At first when we started working with NAMI Augusta, they were just trying to showcase local resources. Over time that expanded to State, national, category specific, and educational classes. Thus, the need for more expansive menus as well as categorization of content came into play. Instead of trying to find a new solution we took our namesake and used innovative strategies to make Nami Augusta's site really execute what it needed to!