Web Design

Our website design is about more than visual appeal. Of course, you want your website to be engaging and to present your brand effectively to the viewer. But there are other important factors that go into designing a website that drives traffic.  We pay close attention to things such as load time and ease of use. Getting people to your website is just the first step, keeping them there is our goal.

Statistics tell us that you only have about fifteen seconds to capture the attention of viewers. Lowering bounce rates, or people bouncing quickly to another webpage is critical to your overall ranking. A poorly designed website has a higher likelihood of a high bounce rate, which is why your design and website maintenance is so important.


Percentage of People Who Leave within 15 Seconds


Percentage of People Who Like Pretty Websites

At InnovationV, we not only create your website taking into account the logistics behind the design, we monitor it closely using analytics to ensure that it continues to perform well. We use analytical tools to look for things like the site’s content, viewer behaviors and how well we are targeting your audience. When we find things that work well, we maximize them. When we find things that aren’t work, we eliminate them. In doing so, we keep your website working optimally for you for the long-term.

What Our Customers Say

Pardue & Coskrey Law Firm - Evans, Ga

Our law firm is extremely pleased with the website and services that Innovation (Reed) provided. They helped bring our website out of the dark age and we receive regular compliments on it. Reed had great attention to detail and he is quick to update when changes are suggested. I’d recommend their services to anyone needing a website upgrade or needing a reliable host for their web services.

Sugar Booger - Evans, Ga

Reed has been a life saver for us and our small business. When we started up, one of our major concerns was how to develop a website that aligned with our vision. Luckily, we were fortunate enough to connect with Reed and he handled everything. We were able to scratch the web development off our to-do list without hesitation or concern.

Reed has always been supportive of our vision as a small business and been instrumental in helping us grow. We decided to rebrand and remodel our business in January 2019 and Reed was there every step of the way ensuring the website would be ready when we launched the new brand.