Nami in Augusta, Ga

National Alliance on Mental Health


Nami is a non-profit organization that deals with mental health patients and families, to better prepare people for understanding the signs and symptoms of those with mental health disabilities. They wanted a website that would be easy for users of any age to find out what Nami was all about, as well as give them the information they needed in terms of a crisis. They also wanted a system to collect donations for their cause.


As we have stated in the past, we strongly believe in our non-profit organizations. It is important to always stand behind the organizations trying to make a difference other peoples’ lives. With that in mind, we gave them everything thing they wanted for more than half off of what we would normally charge. We welcome any non-profit organization to work with us, because it is always about the positive movement (or Innovation) that we can accomplish together.


Taking a look at the national Nami organization’s website, we decided to go something similar to the layout, being that it would be a website for local Nami members and interested parties who may be more familiar with the older website. Using the same color scheme we quickly decided that we wanted to stay away from the pure white background as much as possible. We implemented a couple gradients for some sections, leaving the white background in some to emphasize psychologically important sections. We also hooked them up with an extremely easy way to add events to their calendar, as well as receive information about new members via contact forms.

Wordpress, JQuery, CSS
3 Weeks of Cumalitive Development Time; On-going Maintenance
September 2017 – Membership/Donations system still in the works
4 Pages
Augusta, Ga
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