Rollin’s Landscape

Launch Date: February 2021
Location: Lousiville, GA



Rollin’s Landscape came to us after having a website for many years through another company. Unfortunately the previous web master ended up with health complications which required him to close his business. This left the web masters' clients with little options amidst the incoming pandemic. This is when Rollin's Landscape turned to InnovationV months later to talk about their future goals. Rollin, the owner, wanted to make sure that the values of his company could be advertised not only as a slogan but intrinsically throughout the website’s design. His company’s attention to detail mixed with overall sense of pride behind their craft allows for their portfolio to speak for itself.



Being that a landscape design company is defined behind the work they do, we decided to play with landscape colorscapes and hardscapes as we built this website. They do everything from the landscape design process, installation, and ongoing maintenance programs. To make it easy for potential clients to understand these services, we broke them down into three main options on the navigation menu. Allowing for users to visit specific commercial or residential options as needed.